1946 to 1998

Eighth  Generation


Edel Christensen (7.3) and Verner Pedersen's daughter:
1.Alis Pedersen
Born in Denmark before 1946.

Bent Christensen (7.4) and Grethe Louise Wolfbrand's sons
2.Lars Christensen
3.Bo Christensen

Erik Christensen (7.5) Birthe Inger Christensen's children
4.Marianne Dipo Christense
Born in Copenhagen 17 Apr 1950 and baptized 6 Aug in Timotheus Church. Sales Assistant. Married 1971 to Jens Peder Andersen. Born 22 Feb 1945. newspaper printing . In 1998 they took Dipo as last name 1998.

9.1 Nicolas Dipo Andersen
9.2 Katja Dipo Andersen

5.Jan Dipo Christensen
Born 5 Oct 1955. Inspektor in Customs and Tax. Married 20 Jun 1981 to Annette Kingo. Hansen. Born 4 May 1960. Speditions Assistant.
9.3 Jannik Dipo Christensen
9.4 Michael Dipo Christensen
9.5 Nicolas Dipo Christensen

Jette Dipo Christensen (7.8) and Thomas Nielsen's children
6.Tanja Dipo Nielsen
7. Morten Dipo Nielsen

Hanne Christensen (7.9) and Ove Muldorf Frellsen's daughters:
8.Helle Muldorf Frellsen
9.Lisbeth Muldorf Frellsen

Georg Dipo Petersen (7.18) and Jytte Kirstine Andkjaer's children:
10.Henrik Dipo-Peterson
Born in Niverod 10 Jun 1967, baptized 3 Sep in Humlebaek Church. He was a window cleaner. Married 22Jun 1991 in Allerod Church to Janne Wolsted.

11.Gitte Dipo-Petersen
Born 12 July 1975, baptized 19 Oct in Alsonderup Church

12. Anja Dipo-Christensen
Born 21 Nov 1970.

13. Aime Dipo-Christensen
Born 12 Jan 1972.

9.6 Charlotte Dipo Christensen
9.7 Chano Dipo Christensen
9.8 Christian Dipo Christensen

14. Daniel Dipo Christensen
Born 27 Jun 1984.

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