1917 to 1994

Seventh Generation


Willie Dipo Oxenboll (6.1) and Frederik Bertel Bruun Heise's Children
1.Karen Birgitte Bruun Heise.
Born 18 Jul 1917.

2. Carl Johan Heise.
Born 20 Jan 1922.

Valdemar Carl Pauli Christensen's (6.2) daughter.
3.Edel Christensen
Married to Verner Pedersen. They immigrated to Los Angeles, CA, USA in 1946.

8.1 Alis Pedersen.

Hans Peter Christensen (6.3) and Alma“s son:
4.Bent Christensen.
Married to Grethe Louise Wolfbrand.

8.2 Lars Christensen
8.3 Bo Christensen

Edel Sofie Amalie Christensen (6.4) and Carl Christensen's son:
5.Erik Christensen
Born 30 Jun 1923 District Leader at Carlsberg. Married to Birthe Inger Christensen. Born 25 Jul 1925.

8.4 Marianne Dipo
8.5 Jan Dipo Christensen

Einar Kaj Dipo's (6.5) children:
6.Ruth Christensen
Married living in Holbaek.

7.John Christensen
Married living in Sengelose

Alf Christensen (6.6) and Bitten Maud Carvings daughters:
8.Jette Dipo Christensen
Married first to Thomas Nielsen. Married second to Tommy Bune.

8.6 Tanja Dipo Nielsen
8.7 Morten Dipo Nielsen

9.Hanne Christensen
Married to Ove Muldorf Frellsen.

8.8 Helle Muldorf Frellsen
8.9 Lisbeth Muldorf Frellsen

Kaj Thorkild Harald Dipo (6.7) and Ketty Elisa Lovbos children:
10.Elisa Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 2 Feb 1945 and baptized same day at the Stats Hospital sustained or approved publicly in St Jacobs Church 27 May 1945. Married 14 Dec 1963 to Andy Manfred Petersen. Born 16 Jun 1940 in Brahe-Trolleborg Parish.

11.Frank Peter Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 7 May 1951, baptized 5 Aug in Sions Church. Was a manager. Married 18 May 1984 in Her-Stedvester Church to Mona Bojko. Born 18 May 1954.

12.Peter Michael Dipo
Born in the Stats Hospital 10 Apr 1959, baptized 13 Sep in Sions Church. Warehouse Assistant.

13. Michael Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 18 Apr 1964, baptized 12 Jul in Sions Church. Porter.

Henry Pauli Dipo (6.8) and Edith Lindsay's daughter:

14. Edith Waneta Dipo.
Born 16 Apr 1932 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Nancy Nathalie Edelfine Dipo (6.10) and Ludvig Andreas Olsen's daughter:
15. Ludean Marcella Olsen
Born in Salt Lake City 30 May 1926. Died 2 Nov 1956.

Alma Frederick Dipo (6.13) and Doris Davis daughter:
16. Diane Adelaide Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 2 Dec 1949. Died 14 Oct 1971 in Salt Lake City.

Adelaide Clara Emilie Dipo (6.17) and Edward George Siddell's son:
17. Edward George Siddell
Born 24 Apr 1942 in Utah, USA

Svendeigil Dipo-Petersen (6.21) and Gudrun Olive Rasmussen's son
18.Georg Dipo-Petersen
Born in Copenhagen 26 Jul 1944, baptized 22 Oct in Kildevaeld's Church. He was a Country Farmer Manager. He died 21 Mar 1975, buried 26 Mar (Anisse) married 3 Sep 1966 in Alsonderup Church to Jytte Kirstine Andkjaer. Born 17 Oct 1945, baptized 26 Dec in Gorlose Church.

8.10 Henrik Dipo-Petersen
8.11 Gitte Dipo-Petersen

Gudrun Margrethe Victoria Dipo (6.31) and Borge Aksel Soren Hansen's daughter:
19.Pia Virginia Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 18 Jul 1951 and baptized in Gladsaxe Church 22 Jun 1952. Office assistant in Randers.

Henry William Theodor Mollers (6.32) daughter:
20. Helga Dipo Christensen
Born 31 Mar 1951. Changed her name in 1994.

8.12 Daniel Dipo Christensen
8.13 Aime Dipo Christensen
8.14 Anja Dipo Christensen

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