1892 to 1991

Sixth Generation


Nancy Augusta Theodora Dipo (5.25) and Vilhelm Michael Christian Oxenbolls Daughter?
1.Villie Dipo Oxenboll
Born 19 Oct 1892 at (Fodselsstiftelsen)? (Maternity ward) in Copenhagen baptized same place 25 Oct. Died in 1976. Married 7 Apr 1916 in Havdrup Church to Frederik BertelBruun Heise, son of Attorney at law? Christian Frederik Reginald Heise (D.1940) and Engel Magdalene Henriette Bruun (D 1954). Born in Viborg 23 Jun 1890. Student Viborg 1908. Land. Jun. 1915. City and Village Attorney 1915 to 1916 sheriff in Feroerne 1918. Judge in Vestre Land Court of Justice in 1925 and in High Court of Justice from 1944 to 1960. He died 17 Apr 1984.

7.1 Karen Birgitte Bruun Heise
7.2 Karl Johan Heise

Sulma Alma Elvira Dipo (5.26) and Hans Peter Christensen's Children:
2.Valdemar Carl Pauli Christensen
Born in Copenhagen 25 Jul 1897. He was railroad worker. He immigrated in 1926 to USA where he could work for his uncle, contractor Henry Erhard Dipo, in Utah. His wife should have followed later, but never came to USA. In 1946 he lived in Los Angeles and in 1987 in Las Vegas.
Daughter 7.3 Edel Christensen

3.Hans Peter Christensen
Born 15 Jun 1900 in Frederiksberg. He was a brewery worker, later sales coachman for Carlsberg. Married to Alma.

7.4 Bent Christensen

4.Edel Sofie Amelie Christensen
Born 3 Feb 1902 in Frederiksberg. Died in 1990. Married to Carl Christensen, salesclerk at Carlsberg.

7.5 Erik Christensen.

5.Einar Kaj Dipo
Born 8 Oct 1905 in Frederiksberg. Baptized home 2 Jun 1906 sustained or approved publicly in Frederiks Church 12 Feb 1911. He was traffic master with Copenhagens railways. Married first 1931 to N.N. Died 1954. Married second time 24 May 1958 to Karen Margrethe Hansen. Born 30 May 1906 in Copenhagen. Died 1983. She was married first to N.N. Fedeler
7.6 Ruth Christensen
7.7 John Christensen

6. Alf Christensen
Born 2 Mar 1915 in Frederiksberg. He was depot manager for Carlsberg in Roskilde. Married to Bitten Maud Carving.
7.8 Jette Christensen
7.9 Hanne Christensen

Thorkil Thorvald Alex Dipo (5.27) and Petrea Hansine Marie Petersons Son:

7. Kaj Thorkild Harold Dipo:
Born in Copenhagen 13 Apr 1918 and baptized 25 Aug in Trinitatis Church. Railroad worker in Copenhagen. Married 29 Oct 1944 in St Jacobs Church to Ketty Elisa Loubo. Born in Aldersro Parish 24 Oct 1925. Died 22 Jan 1975 in Copenhagen and buried 28 Jan.

7.10 Elisa Dipo
7.11 Frank Peter Dipo
7.12 Peter Michael Dipo
7.13 Michael Dipo

Henry Erhardt Dipo (5.29) and Adelaide Emilie Dusine Schmidt's Children:

8. Henry Pauli Dipo
In Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, married before 1932 to Edith Lindsay. Born 4 Apr 1912. Died in Salt Lake City 2 July 1994.

7.14 Edith Waneta Dipo

9. Rigmor Emilie Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 18 Apr 1903 and baptized 25 Jun 1905 in St Stefans Church. Died in Salt Lake City 27 Nov 1991 and buried 30 Nov (Wasatch Lawn Cemetery).

10. Nancy Nathalie Edelfine Dipo
Born 11 Jan 1905 in Copenhagen. Died in Salt Lake City, Utah 9 Mar 1981 and buried 13 Mar. Married in Salt Lake City 19 Aug 1925 to Ludvig Andreas Olsen, son of Mads Olsen (D. 1940) and Gustava Olsen (1863-1938). Born in Eidsvoll in Norway 22 May 1903. Died 1 Apr 1953 in Salt Lake City.

Daughter (out of 4 children)
7.15 Ludean Marcella Olsen

11. Thyra Ellen Villy Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 5 Jun 1906. Died 14 Jun 1907

12. Henry Francois Emilius Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 10 Nov 1908. Died in Salt Lake City 6 Dec 1981.

13. Alma Frederick Dipo
Born 24 Dec 1909 in Copenhagen. Died in Salt Lake City 19 May 1972 and buried 23 May (Holladay). Married in Las Vegas, Clark Nevada, 27 Nov 1937 to Doris Davis, daughter of Thomas Charles Davis (1884-1930) and Ethel Dyer (1884-1954) born 31 Jul 1915 in Salt Lake City. Died 2 Jul 1992 in Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Daughter (of two children)
7.16 Diane Adelaide Dipo

14.Daniel Anton Dipo
Married in Salt Lake City 12 Oct 1932 to Vondra Kartchner, daughter of Arza Royal Kartchner (1890-1979) and Ada Cooley (F1893) born 21 Sep 1916 in Blanding, Utah. Died 27 Nov 1977.

15.Marguerite Anna Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 5 Apr 1913. Married CA 1934 to Francis Kenison.

16.Clara Agens Dipo
Born in Salt Lake City 28 Apr 1917. Died 23 Sep 1918.

17.Adelaide Clara Emilie Dipo
Born in Salt Lake City 31 Jan 1919. Died 10 Sep 1973. Married CA 1941 to Edward George Siddell, son of Harry A Siddell and Fairy E. Siddell. Born in Utah. 4 Jan 1904.

7.17 Edward George Siddell.

Tage Georg Dipo (5.31) and Karen Chirstine Merry Hansen's son
18.IB Francio Dipo
Born in Stats Hospital 5 Jun 1923. Dental technician, Copenhagen. Died 6 Oct 1983 in Copenhagen. Buried 12 Oct. Married first to Ruth (marriage dissolved 26 Sep 1967) Married second time in Advents Church to Grethe Elisabeth Nielsen. Born in St Johannes Parish Arhus 25 Feb 1923. She was married first to Soren Jensen Olsesen. Marriage dissolved 5 Aug 1971.

Francois Nicolai Dipo (5.32) and Ellen Petters ons
19.Daughter: Egbba Dipo, died as child.

Bruno Alexis Dipo (5.34) and Ragnhild Mary Jensen's adoptive daughter:
20.Jessie Dipo
Born 27 May 1920. Died 1974.Married to Hans Peter Zimmermann,Marriage dissolved.

Nina Hedvig Dipo (5.37) and Frederik Georg Valdemar Petersen's Children:
21. Svend Eigil Dipo-Petersen
Born in Copenhagen 16 Jan 1911 and baptized 9 Apr in Aldersro Church. He was shipping and office manager in Islands Steamship Company Division in Copenhagen. He resided from 1964 in Tisvilde. Died 13 Jun 1986 and was buried 19 Jun (Tibirke). Married first Dec 1938 in Lutheran Church to Gudrun Olive Rasmussen. Born 24 Aug 1910 and baptized 18 Sep same year in Christians Church.

7.18 Georg Dipo-Petersen

22.Lilly Emma Dipo-Petersen
Born 7 Apr 1916 in Copenhagen and baptized 7 May same year in Davids Church. Overassistant. She was working for 40 years in Giro Office in Copenhagen. (unmarried).

Elida Christine Vihelmine Jorgensen's (5.39) son.
23.Walter Francois Jorgensen
Born 17 Dec 1901. Married 20 Dec 1920's to Edel Ingeborg Andersen, daughter of L. Andersen Amager. Born 6 Apr 1904.

Lorenzo Alfons Fernando Jorgensen (5.42) and Karna Hansine Lindblads Children:

24. Heino Carlo Lorenzo Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 5 Apr 1914, baptized in St. Jakobs Church.

25. Lilly Marie Vilhelmine Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 26 Oct 1915, baptized in St. Jacobs Church.

26.Hans Jorgensen
Born 27 May in Copenhagen.

27.Roland Jorgensen
Born 7 Mar in Copenhagen

28.Hans Knud Emil Moller
Born in Copenhagen 26 Aug 1904 and baptized in Trinitatis Church 30 Apr 1905, died in Copenhagens Commune Hospital 12 Sep 1918 and was buried 18 Sep (Apostel)

29.Thora Margrete Augusta Moller
Born in Copenhagen 6 Sep 1905, baptized 28 Jan 1906 in Trinitatis Church. Died when she was little.

30.unbaptized girl
Born and died in Copenhagen 6 Apr 1908.

31.Gudrun Margrethe Victoria Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 23 Aug 1910, baptized in Helligands (Holy Ghost) Church 20 Apr 1913. She changed her last name to Dipo in 1969. Married first 1 Nov 1930 in Copenhagens Town Hall to Sofus Hans Johannes Bruun. Son of Butcher Magnus Axel Bruun and Johanne Martine Ernst. Born in St Jorgensbjerg 16 Jul 1908, died in Skovlunde 31 Jan 1986. He was a butcher and weinermaker in Copenhagen. Marriage dissolved in 1939. Married second 5 Jul 1944 in Copenhagens Town Hall to Borge Aksel Soren Hansen, son of Wagonmand in Copenhagen Axel Peter Hansen (F.1898) and Camilla Hansen, born in Stats Hospital 12 Mar 1916 and died in Copenhagen 24 May 1965 chauffeur (driver).

Daughter out of 6 children
7.19 Pia Virginia Dipo.

32. Henry William Theodor Moller
Born in Copenhagen 23 Jan 1912. Died 21 May 1987.

7.20 Helga Dipo-Christensen

33. Willy Alfred Victor Moller
Born in Copenhagen 6 Oct 1914.

34.Rita Augusta Olivia Moller
Born in Copenhagen 24 Mar 1916. Baptized 14 Apr 1918 in Apostel Church

35.Osvald Einer August Moller
Born in Copenhagen 11 Aug 1917, baptized 14 Apr 1918 in Apostel Church.

36.Ella Eleonora Marie Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 30 Dec 1919.

37.Leon Armand Duzain Moller

38.Lizzie Moller

William August Emil Moller (5.45) and Astrid Johanne Oline Nielsen's sons:

39.William Moller

40.Wagn Moller

Victoria Antonette Moller (5.46) and Einar Chirstiansen's Children:

41.Ova Christiansen
Born in Copenhagen 22 Aug 1908.

42.Borge Christiansen
Born in Helsingor 9 Sep 1916.

Hilma Christine Moller (5.47) and Niels Emilprehns.

7.21 Nora Prehn, Born in Copenhagen 7 May 1911.

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