1843 to 1972

Fifth Generation


Amalie Antonette Augusta Schildt (4.1) and Johan Ludvig Demandts Children:

1.Emil Lauritz Terbager Demandt
Born in Copenhagen 22 Feb 1843 and baptized in Garnsons Church 28 May same year. He was cigar manufacturer in Copenhagen. Died 5 Aug 1911. Married first before 1868 to Johanne Henriette Jensen. Married second time to Johanne Sofie Cathrine. Born in Copenhagen 3 Jul 1842. Died 22 Jun 1930.

2.Carl Christian Demandt
Born in Copenhagen 14 Dec 1845 and baptized in Garnisons Church 17 May the year after.

3.Thorvald Oscar Demandt
Born 1 Jul 1847 in Copenhagen and baptized 5 Sep same year in Garnisons Church.

4.Dead born boy
Dead born 29 May 1851 Copenhagen, Trinitatis.

5.Louise Caroline Demandt
Born in Copenhagen 12 Nov 1852 (Trinitatis), confirmed in Trinitatis Church 14 Apr 1867.

6.Julius Charles Demandt
Baptized 27 May 1855 in Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen

7. Jorgen William Demandt
Born 11 Jun 1856 in Copenhagen and baptized 3 Aug same year in Trinitatis Church.

8.Anna Christine Sophie Demandt
Born in Copenhagen 5 Jun 1859 and baptized 7 Aug same year in Garnisons Church.

9.Johanne Marie Demandt
Born in Copenhagen 18 Oct 1861 and baptized at home by the father 22 Nov same year (Garnsons) died shortly thereafter.

10.Mathilde Valborg Demandt
Born 9 Sep 1863 in Copenhagen and baptized 9 Oct same year in Garnisons Church.

Parents - Frederik Anthon Vognsen (4.7) and Cathrine Kirstine Olsen's Children:

11.Oluf Oscar Vognsen
Baptized 12 Jan 1866 in Trinitatis Church.

11.Agnes Bertha Waagensen
Baptized 5 Dec 1869 in Trinitatis Church.

Parents - Ferdinand Peter Thovald Dipo (4.12) and Oline Marie Bisteds Children:

12.Stella Adele Victoria Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 21 Nov 1864 and baptized in St Paul's Church 10 Sep 1865. She was daughter of Oline Marie Bisted and unmarried police officer Charles Victor Amadei Stilling, but was given the name Dipo 12 Apr 1879. Married 6 Jul 1890 in Holmens Church to Frederik Mencho Peter Bonnichsen, son of Royal (Housguard Officer) Christian Bonnichsen, and Ane Bender. Born in Copenhagen 6 Sep 1858 and baptized 20 Jan 1859 in Hof and Castle Church. He received on 15 Feb 1883 citizenship (retailer). He became an ironmonger in Copenhagen.

13.Edmund Hjalmar Maxmillian Dipo
Born 1 Sep 1868 and baptized 6 Jun 1860 in Frederiksberg Church. He was living in 1880.

14.unbaptized daughter
Born in Copenhagen 25 Dec 1869 in Copenhagen, died of crampe 4 Jan 1870 and buried 9 Jan (Trinitatatais)

15.unbaptized daughter
Born in Copenhagen 29 Nov 1870. Died 19 Apr 1871 and buried 23 Apr.

16.Georg Villiam Alaexander Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 18 Aug 1872 (St Johannes)?
17.Valborg Laura Fernanda Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 20 Jan 1874 and baptized 10 May same year in St Johannes Church. She was housemaid at Holsteinminde Educational Institution, Soro County in 1890. She immigrated to Chicago in USA in 1892.

18.Ellen Oline Fernando Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 14 Jun 1875. She immigrated together with her mother and sisters to New York, USA in 1894. Arrival date 12 may whit ship "ISLAND"

19.Ingeborg Marry Ottilie Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 3 May 1877 and baptized 7 Oct in Helligandskirken (Holy Ghost Church). She immigrated in 1894 together with her mother and sister to New York, USA, Arrival date 12 may whit ship "ISLAND"

20.Charlotte Amalie Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 3 Nov 1879. She immigrated in 1894 to New York together with mothern and 2 sisters. Arrival date 12 may whit ship "ISLAND"

21. Lilly Johanne Dipo
Died 31 Jul 1896 in Copenhagen

22.unbaptized son
Born 1880, Copenhagen

Valdemar Theodor Dipo (4.15) and Edelfine Augusta Hartman's Children:

23.Valdemar Francois Emilius Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 19 Feb 1871 and baptized 10 Apr same year in Trinitatis Church. He was a waiter in Copenhagen and unmarried. He died in St Joseph's Hospital 2 Jan 1900, was buried 7 Jan (St Stefans).

24.Thyra Amalie Chirstine Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 11 Mar 1872 and baptized 12 May same year at St Paul's Church. She was director at a drape factory in Lyngby. She died in 1945. Married 20 Jun 1897 in Lyngby Church to Niels Paulli Eiberg, son of a butcher in Vangede, Niels Paulli Eiberg and Nicoline Emilie Caroline Luchau, born in Vangede 23 Aug 1873 and baptized in Gentofte Church 1 Jan 1874. He was a laborer.

25.Nancy Augusta Theodora Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 11 Jul 1873 and baptized 17 Aug in St Paul's Church. She was a sewing lady. Died 1942. Married first 13 Jan 1892 in St Matthaeus Church to Wilhelm Michael Christian Oxenboll, son of auditor, City and District Judge, Mayor in Stubbekobing or Landstingmand (County Representatives) Provincial Court. Vilhelm Michael Christian Oxenboll and Charlotte Marie Ostrup. Born in Stubbekobing 16 Jun 1869 and baptized 18 Jul in Stubbekobing Church. He was Land. Phil and Clerk. In 1906 he was teacher in Miss Moller's private school. Died in Copenhagens Commune Hospital 18 Jun 1912 and was buried 24 Jun Frederiks. Marriage was dissolved 26 Nov 1906. Married second time 26 May 1907 in St Stefans Church to Lars Anton Emanuel Villiam Jacobsen, son of grocer in Copenhagen Peter Vilhelm Soful Jacobsen and Trine Oline Olsen. Born in Copenhagen 27 Aug 1875. He was an electrician and Forman in K.T.A.S.
6.1 Villie Dipo Oxenboll

26.Sulma Alma Elvira Dipo
Born 14 Dec 1874 in Copenhagen and baptized 7 Feb 1875 in St Paul's Church. She died in 1943. Married 9 May 1897 in St Matthaeus Church to Hans Peter Christensen, son of brewer in Copenhagen Peter Christensen, son of Brewer in Copenhagen Peter Christensen (1839-89) and Ane Marie Petersen (F. 1842?). Born in Copenhagen 1 Feb 1873 and baptized at home 10 Feb. Baptism made public in St Johannes Church 14 Apr 1873. He was porter 1897. Later brewer worker.

6.2 Valdemar Carl Pauli Christensen
6.3 Hans Peter Christensen
6.4 Edel Sofie Amalie Christensen
6.5 Einar Kaj Dipo
6.6 Alf Christensen

27.Thorkil Thorvald Axel Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 23 May 1876 and baptized 2 Jul in St Paul's Church. He was a moulder and concrete worker. But is named in 1922 as a carpenter. Died in Copenhagens Commune Hospital 4 May 1922, and buried 10 May (Trinitatis). Married 15 Sep 1912 in St Paul's Church to Petrea Hansine Marie Petersen, daughter of laborer Frederik Petersen and Maren Petersen. Born in Copenhagen 13 Oct 1885. Died in Copenhagens Commune Hospital 16 Oct 1953 and buried 20 Oct (sions)

6.7 Kaj Thorkild Dipo

28.Carlos Theodor Thorolf Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 6 Oct 1877 and baptized 26 Dec in St Paul's Church. Died about 2 1/2 years old.

29.Henry Erhardt Dipo
Born 1 Dec 1878 in Copenhagen. He went to Utah in the beginning 1900, where he later became contractor. He visited the family in Denmark in 1925. Died in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 19 Jul 1945 and was buried 23 Jul. Married 22 Feb 1903 in Copenhagen to Adelaide Emilie Dusine Schmidt, daughter of Lars Wilhelm Bull Schmidt (1843-89) and Nathalie Wilhelmine Gifion Berthelsen (1843-1926) born in Copenhagen 24 Dec 1882. Died in Salt Lake City, Utah 1 Sep 1962 and buried 4 Sept.

6.8 Henry Pauli Dipo
6.9 Rigmor Emilie Dipo
6.10 Nancy Nathalie Edelfine Dipo
6.11 Thyra Ellen Villy Dipo
6.12 Henry Francois Emilius Dipo
6.13 Alma Frederick Dipo
6.14 Daniel Anton Dipo
6.15 Marguerite Anna Dipo
6.16 Clara Agnes Dipo
6.17 Adelaide Clara Emilie Dipo

30.Knud Osvald Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 25 Sep 1880 and baptized 28 Nov in St Paul's Church. He was earth and concrete worker and died unmarried 27 Jan 1906. Buried 2 Feb (Brorsons) (a city or possibly a hospital).

31.Tage Georg Dipo
Born 20 Dec 1882 in Copenhagen and baptized in St Paul's Church 18 Feb 1883. He was first factory worker, but advanced to factory master in a Copenhagens shoemaker factory. Died in Copenhagens Commune Hospital 28 Mar 1949 and buried 2 Apr (Blagards). Married 23 Sep 1906 in St Stefans Church to Karen Christine Merry Hansen, daughter of Typograph in Copenhagen Peder Herman Hansen (F.1858) and Frederikke Andersen (F 1859). Born in Copenhagen 6 Mar 1887 and baptized in St Matthaeus Church 1 Apr same year. Died in Norre Hospital 7 Sep 1963 and buried 13 Sep (Norre Hospital).
Son: 6.18. 1B Francio Dipo.

Francois Anton Dipo (4.17) and Ane Nicoline Johansen's children:

32.Francois Nicolai Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 25 Aug 1871 and baptized 1 Oct in Holmens Church. He settled in 1893 in Sweden where he was Typographer with Landscrona Posten (newspaper) till his retirement in 1950. Died 3 Jan 1967 and was buried 10 Jan. Married to Ellen Petterson. Died in Oct 1964 and buried 2 Nov.
Daughter 6-19 Ebba Dipo

33.Johannes Villiam Dipo
Born 18 Oct 1872 in Copenhagen and baptized in Holmens Church 24 Nov same year. Died of Crampe 30 Nov 1873 and buried 5 Dec (Holmens).

34. Johannes Anton Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 5 Ma7 1874. Baptized at home 17 Jun. Baptism was announced/approved in Holmens Church 26 Jun 1874. Died of crampe 31 Jul 1874 and buried 5 Aug (Holmens).

35.Nina Christine Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 15 Aug 1875 and baptized 26 Sep in Holmens Church. Died in Copenhagen 10 May 1877 and was buried 16 May (Holmens).

36.Bruno Alexis Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 3 Oct 1877 and baptized in Holmens Church 2 Dec same year. He was from 1893 till 1898 apprentice with a Trikotage handler (clothing store) grocer Kjolby in Copenhagen. He went later to Trade Academy in Copenhagen. He took his examination 1899. He was in 1899 hired as shop assistant in the firm Holger Petersen in KOBMagersagade (Messen) and advanced later to arranger and manager. Died in Copenhagen 4 May 1972, was buried 7 May (Kingos) married 14 Jul 1911 in Frederiksberg Church to Ragnhild Mary Jensen, daughter of factory manager later cigar manufacturer in Copenhagen, Niels Jensen (1845-1919) and Ane Marie Christiansen (F 18.57) born in Copenhagen 27 Jul 1886 and baptized in St. Johannes Church 29 Aug same year. Died in Copenhagen 18 May 1962 and was buried 25 May. (Kingos).
Adoptive Daughter:

6.20 Jessie Dipo

37.Nina Hedvig Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 5 Aug 1880 and baptized 19 Sep in Vor Frue (our Ladys Church). After her husband's death she took the surname of Dipo-Petersen. Died in Copenhagen 16 Dec 1964 and buried 20 Dec (Humsumvold) married 4 Sep 1910 in Kingos Church to Frederik Georg Valdemar Petersen, son of master carpenter in Copenhagen, Mads Petersen and Jane Kirstine Andersen. Born in Copenhagen 2 Oct 1873 and baptized in Vor Frue (Our Ladys Church) 9 Nov same year. He was (Isenkraemer) ironmonger and had his business in Nordre Frihavnsgade 28 in Copenhagen. Died in the Oresunds Hospital 9 Aug 1926 and was buried 14 Aug (Davids).

6.21 Svend Eigil Dipo-Petersen
6.22 Lilly Emma Dipo-Petersen

Wilhelmine Anna Dipo (4.18) and Hans Jorgensen's Children:

38.Hans Vilhelm Francois Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 7 Sep 1870 and baptized in St Ansgar Catholic Church 2 Oct same year. Baptized Johannes Guillelmus Franciscus.

39.Elida Christine Vilhelmine Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 11 Mar 1873. Baptized 21 Apr in St Ansgar Catholic Church.
6.23 Son: Walter Francois Jorgensen.

40.Isabella Victoria Amanda Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 23 Apr 1875 and baptized in St Ansgar Catholic Church 2 Jun same year.

41.Hertha Elfrida Aurora Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 19 Jul 1879.

42.Lorenzo Alfons Fernando Jorgensen
Born in Copenhagen 18 Dec 1881 and baptized in St Johannes Church 26 Mar 1882. He was coachman and sand digger (Tuborg Havn). Married 14 Feb 1914 at Copenhagens Town Hall to Karna Hansine Lindblad, born in Ishoj near Tastrup 15 Nov 1894.

6.24 Heino Carlo Lorenzo Jorgensen
6.25 Lilly Marie Vilhelmine Jorgensen
6.26 Hans Jorgensen
6.27 Roland Jorgensen

Augusta Emilia Dipo (4.21) and Emil Theodor Moller“s Children:

At the people census in 1880 they learned that parret had a child there was death.

44.Victor Emanuel Theodor Moller
Born in Copenhagen 2 May 1880 and baptized 20 Jun in Vor Frue (Our Ladys Church). He was trained as cigar maker, but was about 1910 a "certifier" in DFDS? He was later a Gardner and earth and concrete worker. He was also into genealogy or family research in his free time. He had a large collection of the family's histories of certificates MM. A collection, that after his death was taken over by his sister's daughter, Nora Prehn. He died in Copenhagen 12 Nov 1961 and was buried 17 Nov (St Stefans). First married 27 May 1904 in St Matthaeus Church to Helga Victoria Theodora Larsen, daughter of Smith (steel worker) in Copenhagen, Hans Larsen (F.1855) and Eleonora Christine Margrethe Olsen (1860-1943) born in Copenhagen 12 Dec 1886 and baptized in St Matthaeus Church 13 Feb 1887. She worked as a knitting machine operator. Later as home seamstress. Died in 1968. Marriage dissolved 21 Jan 1931. Married second time 24 Aug 1934 in Copenhagen County Hall to Anna Jensine Marie Sippora Egholm, daughter of insidder in Tybjerglille, Niels Peder Christian Sorensen Egholm and Sophie Frederikke Amalie Christensen. Born in Tybjerglille, Presto County 4 Jul 1887 and baptized 4 Sep in Tybjerg Church. She was before marriage house assistant. Died after 1961.

6.28 Hans Knud Emil Moller
6.29 Thora Margrethe Augusta Moller
6.30 unbaptized girl
6.31 Gudrun Margrethe Victoria Dipo
6.32 Henry William Theodor Moller
6.33 Willy Alfred Victor Moller
6.34 Rita Augusta Olivia Moller
6.35 Osvald Einar August Moller
6.36 Ella Eleonora Marie Dipo
6.37 Leon Armand Duzain Moller
6.38 Lizzie Moller

45.William August Emil Moller
Born in Copenhagen 23 Nov 1882 and baptized 29 Apr 1883 in Vor Frue (Our Ladys Church). He was administrator in DFDS on Larsens Plads. Married to Astrid Johanne Oline Nielsen, daughter of shoemaker in Copenhagen, Anders Christian Nielsen and Ella Knudsine Thyra Knudsen born 9 Oct 1885 in Copenhagen and baptized in St Paul's Church 16 May 1886. Marriage dissolved. Married second time to Lise (no more is written)
6.39 William Moller
6.40 Wagn Moller

46.Victoria Antonette Moller
Born in Copenhagen 21 Feb 1886 and baptized 5 Sep in Vor Frue (Our Ladys Church). Married Einar Christiansen. Born 26 Jan 1885. They resided in Helsingor.
6.41 Ova Christiansen
6.42 Borge Christiansen

47.Hilma Christine Moller
Born in Copenhagen 15 Aug 1889 and baptized in Vor Frue (Our Ladys Church) 16 Mar 1890. Married 19 Mar 1911 in Gethsemane Church to Niels Emil Prehn, son of cigar maker in Copenhagen August Lorup Emil Prehn and Jensine Madsdaughter Greve. Born in Copenhagen 14 May 1884 and baptized at home 7 Jul, baptism was sustained or approved publicly in St Matthaeus Church 10 May 1885. He was seamand. Marriage dissolved.
Children: daughter
6.43 Nora Prehn

48.unbaptized daughterDied 3 weeks old Vor Frue (Our Ladys Parish)

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