1821 to 1924

Fourth Generation


Cathrina Antonette Dipo (3.2) and Johann Friederich Schildts´s Children:
1.Amalia Antonette Augusta Schildt
Born in Copenhagen 14 Jul 1821 and baptized in Frederiks German Church 3 Aug 1821. She was a maid with Uncle Francois Dipo in 1840. Died after 1891. Married 18 Dec 1842 in Garnisons Church to Johan Ludvig Demandt, son of a shoemaker journeyman in Copenhagen. Johan Frederick Demandt and Ane Kirstine Jacobine Blytmann. Born in Copenhagen 6 Jul 1820 and baptized in Helligands (Holy Ghost) Church 17 Dec, same year. He was a shoemaker in Copenhagen and also a bugler with the Life Gamekeeper or Hunter Corp. Died in Copenhagen 5 mar 1880 and buried 14 Mar (Garnisons) Life Hunting Corp (Game-Keeper).

4.1Emil Lauritz Terbager Demandt
4.2 Carl Christian Demandt
4.3 Thorvald Oscar Demandt
4.4 dead born boy
4.5 Louise Caroline Demandt
4.6Julius Charles Demandt (note that there are two 5.6's)
4.6 Jorgen William Demandt
4.7Anna Christine Sophie Demandt
4.8Johanne Marie Demandt
4.9Mathilde Valborg Demandt

2.Fritz Heinrich Anton Schildt
Born in Copenhagen 5 Mar 1823 and baptized in Frederiks German Church 16 Apr same year. He lived with people census in 1834.

3.Louise Emilie Wilhelmine Schildt
Born in Copenhagen 24 Apr 1824 and baptized 4 Jun, same year in Frederiks German Church. Died in Copenhagen 12 July 1824 and buried 15 Jul (Garnison).

4.Margretha Henriette Schildt
Born in Sep 1825 (baptism is not written in Frederiks German or Garnisons Church book). Died of cramp 10 Oct 1825. Buried 12 Oct (Garnisons).

5.Louise Antoinette Schildt
Born in Copenhagen 27 Oct 1827 and baptized 23 Nov the same year in Frederiks German Church. Married 4 Nov 1849 in Garnisons Church to Andreas Frederik Jensen, son of Blacksmith Journeyman with Holmen Jens Jensen and Anne Margrethe Morck. Born in Nybotter 2 Oct 1823 and baptized 2 Nov in Holmens Church. He was a laborer in Copenhagen.

6.Adolph Heinrich Schildt
Born 26 Dec 1829 in Copenhagen and baptized at home 25 Feb 1830. Baptism was sustained or approved publicly in church 19 Mar 1830 (Frederiks German Church). He died in Copenhagen 1 Jul 1832 and was buried 4 Jul (Frederiks German Church).

Catharina Antonette Dipo 3.2 and Niels Wognson´s Children:
7.Frederik Anton Vognsen
Born 2 Jan 1834 in Copenhagen and confirmed Easter 1848 in Garnisons Church. He was a laborer in Copenhagen. Married 5 Apr 1861 in Trinitatis Church to Cathrine Kirstine Olsen. Born in 1835.

4.10Oluf Oscar Vogensen
4.11Agnes Bertha Waagensen

8.Charlotte Friedericke Nielsine Wogensen
Baptized 26 Feb 1836 in St. Petri Church in Copenhagen.

Heinrich Anton Simon Dipo (3.3) and Marie Elisabeth Schandorph´s Children:

9.Ottilia Wilhelmine Hansine Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 24 Jun 1829 and baptized 21 Aug in Frederiks German Church. She died of Typhoid Fever after 9 weeks in sickbed 18 Oct 1849 in Garnison Hospital and was buried 24 Oct (Garnisons). She was unmarried.

10.Theodor Wilhelm Anthon Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 9 Aug 1831 and baptized 16 Oct same year in Garnisons Church. He was a musician. Died of Typhoid 3 Nov 1849 in Frederiks Hospital and buried 11 Nov (Garnisons). He died this way, so did his older sister and his father of Typhoid Fever. All three died within two weeks.

11.Ferdinand Wilhelm Dipo
Born 11 Jan 1834 in Copenhagen and baptized at home, it was sustained or approved publicly in Frederiks German Church 18 Jun 1834. Died of measles 25 Jan 1835. Buried 30 Jan (Garnisons).

12.Ferdinand Peter Thorvald Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 2 Mar 1836 and baptized 1 Jun in Frederiks German Church. He worked as a photographer in Copenhagen in the 1860's. He became a citizen, a retailer 21 Dec 1876. He also was business agent. Died in Frederiks Hospital 23 Mar 1883. Buried 1 Apr (St Mattaeus). Married 9 May 1869 in Frederiksberg Church to Oline Marie Bisted, daughter of office clerk, Johan Ludvig Holst and Amalie Charlotte Bisted. Born in Helsingor 12 May 1844 and baptized in St. Marie Church 30 Jun same year. She worked as a Lady Tailor after her husband's death, but emigrated 24 Apr 1894 together with her daughters Ellen, Mary and Amalie Charlotte to New York, USA. Her first daughter she had with a police officer, Charles Amadei Stilling.

4.12 Stella Adele Victoria Dipo
4.13 Edmund Hjalmar Maxmilian Dipo
4.14 unbaptized daughter
4.15 unbaptized daughter
4.16 Georg Villiam Alexander Dipo
4.17 Valborg Laura Fernanda Dipo
4.18 Ellen Online Fernanda Dipo
4.19 Ingeborg Marry Ottilie Dipo
4.20 Charlotte Amalie Dipo
4.21 Lilly Johanne Dipo
4.22 Unbaptized son

13.Lauritz Anton Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 22 Jan 1839 and baptized in Frederiks German Church 8 Mar. He was in 1853-58 learning the grocery business in Copenhagen. First with A.J. Hoppe, whose divorced wife he later married. He took citizenship. Was a detail handler (retailer) at grocery firm Lauritz Dipo and Scandorph 24 Feb 1863. He later was in cigar business and last was weighmaster. He was also in the (Kings Life Hunting Corp) 3 Company NR 41 in 1862. Died in Copenhagen of pneumonia 28 Jan 1914 and buried 1 Feb (St Mattaeus). Married first 18 Dec 1872 in Frederiksberg Church to Sophie Vilhelmine Emilie Mortensen. Born in Copenhagen 26 Jul 1834. She died in Copenhagen 1 Apr 1895 and was buried 7 Apr (St Matthaeus). Married first 6 May 1853 in Hof and Castle Church to grocer and warehouse assistant in Copenhagen, Alexander Julius Hoppe (divorced 24 Feb 1871). Hoppe was married second time 27 Oct 1871 in St Knuds, Odense, to Emma Vilhelmine Rammeskov. Lauritz Dipo was married second time 19 Aug 1900 in St Matthaeus Church to Dagmar Marie Villumsen, daughter of carpenter journeyman in Copenhagen, Frederik Lauritz Villumsen and Emilie Bedsted. Born in Copenhagen 22 Oct 1860. Died in Copenhagen 21 Nov 914 and buried 27 Nov (Trinitatis) Dagman was married first to Johan Hagbart Otto Klemp.

14. Adelaide Henriette Christine Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 12 Nov 1842 and baptized in Frederiks German Church 26 Mar 1843 (Prince Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel was fadder (godfather))died of brain inflammation 21 Jul 1845 and buried 25 Jul (Garnisons).

Francois Theodor Dipo (3.5) and Anne Kirstine Petersen's children:

15.Valdemar Theodor Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 14 Aug 1836 and baptized 7 Sep in Hof and Castle Church. From 1852-58 he was a grocery apprentice in Copenhagen. He received 5 Apr 1866 his citizenship and trade after which he started his grocery business in Dronningens Tvaergade 49. Later he was commercial agent and commissioner. He was a member of the Kings Life Hunting (Gamekeepers) Corp C 2 Company NR 116 in 1863. Died 26 Dec 1891 in Copenhagen and was buried 1 Jan 1892 (St Mattheus). Married 25 May 1870 in Hof and Castle Church to Edelfine Augusta Hartmann, daughter of shoemaker master in Copenhagen, Hans Christian Emilius Hartmann and Emma Christine Amalie Holm. Born in Copenhagen 14 May 1853 and baptized 12 Jun in Trinitatis Church. She was chorister in Helligands (Holy Ghost) Church and earned after her husband's death her living by knitting at home. She died about 1924.

4.23 Valdemar Francois Emilius Dipo
4.24 Thyra Amalie Christine Dipo
4.25 Nancy Augusta Theodora Dipo
4.26 Sulma Alma Elvira Dipo
4.27 Thorkil Thorvald Alex Dipo
4.28 Carlos Theodor Thorolf Dipo
4.29 Henry Erhard Dipo
4.30 Knud Osvald Dipo
4.31 Tage Georg Dipo

16Franciska Theodore Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 5 Jun 1838 and baptized 3 Aug same year in Hof Castle Church. She died of lung sickness 17 Apr 1869 and was buried 22 Apr (Holmens). She was unmarried.

17.Francois Anton Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 29 Apr 1840 and baptized 5 Jun in Hof Castle Church. He was grocer apprentice from 1855-1860 and received citizenship 25 Oct 1866. He had his business in Litle Kongensgade 37 the first year. Later he was commercial agent. He also was a 2nd Lieutenant in Copenhagen's Military. Died in Copenhagen 12 Oct 1917 and buried 20 Oct (Holmens). Married 6 May 1870 in Vor Frue Kirke (Our Ladys Church) to Ane Nicoline Johansen, daughter of a blacksmith in Norre Hvalso, Ole Johansen and Kirstine Lisbeth Andersen. Born in Norre Hvalso 28 Jan 1840 and baptized at home. The baptism accepted announced in Hvalso Church 16 Apr 1840. Died in Bispe Bjerg Hospital 14 Apr 1914.

4.32 Fracois Nicolai Dipo
4.33 Johannes Villiam Dipo
4.34 Johannes Anton Dipo
4.35 Nina Christine Dipo
4.36 Bruno Alexis Dipo
4.37 Nina Hedevig Dipo

17.Wilhelmine Anna Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 21 Apr 1842 and baptized 1 Jun in Hof and Castle Kirken Church. Died 28 May 1921. Married 11 May 1870 in Stansgar Catholic Church to Hans Jorgensen. Born 7 May 1842 in Skaelskor. He was barge leader and laborer in Copenhagen and his home was in Hellerup. Died after 1921.

4.38 Vilhelm Hans Francois Jorgensen
4.39 Elida Christine Vilhelmine Jorgensen
4.40 Isabella Amanda Victoria Jorgensen
4.41 Hertha Elfrida Aurora Jorgensen
4.42 Lorenzo Alfonzo Fernando Jorgensen

18.Flora Mathilde Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 25 Jan 1844 and baptized in Hof and Castle Kirken Church, baptized 14 Jul same year. She was a glove sewer in Copenhagen and lived with her mother until her death. Died in the Old City 16 Apr 1923 and buried 20 Apr (Hellerup). She was unmarried.

20.Emilie Augusta Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 30 Mar 1846 baptized 15 Jan 1847 in Hof and Castle Church. Died 11 Feb 1848.

21.Augusta Emilie Dipo
Born 24 Apr 1848 and baptized 1 Jun same year in Hof and Castle Kirken Church. Died in the Old City 26 Oct 1934 and buried 31 Oct (the Old City). Married 15 Jun 1869 in St Ansgar Catholic Church to Emil Theodor Moller, son of shoemaker in Copenhagen Johan Diderich Moller (1806-73) and Hedevig Sophie Wetterstrom (1801-69). Born 8 Aug 1835 in Copenhagen and baptized 11 Oct same year in Trinitatis Church. He was trained as cigar maker and had through the years made a good name for himself both with masters and cigar manufacturers in the city. Like his family in-laws, he also was a musician in Copenhagen. Died in Commune Hospital 15 Feb 1904 and buried 21 Feb.

4.43 child
4.44 Victor Emanuel Theodor Moller
4.45 William August Emil Moller
4.46 Victoria Antonette Moller
4.47 Hilma Christine Moller
4.48 unbaptized daughter

22.Albert William Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 6 May 1850 and baptized 21 Jun same year in Hof and Castle Church. He was a grocer in Copenhagen until he, 1 Apr 1890,took citizenship chemish manufacturer in 1892. He immigrated to South Africa. His nephew, Bruno Alexis Dipo writes: Went 4 Jul 1892 to Woodstock Station, Cape Town, South Africa, Church Street. Given job in the stores Dept of the General Office Savings Bank, until his death, 16 Dec 1918 in the New Somerset Hospital. He was unmarried.

23.Charles Oscar Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 22 Jun 1852, baptized 6 Aug in Hof Castle Church. Died of brain inflammation 31 Oct 1861 and was buried 6 Nov (Holmens).

24.Axel Thorvald Dipo
Born 28 Jul 1854 in Copenhagen, baptized 1 Jun 1855 in Hof Castle Church. He was (Styrmand) Mate Officer on a ship). He died of Syphilis 5 Jun 1876, buried 11 Jun (Holmens).

25.Olga Victoria Dipo
Born in Copenhagen 20 Jun 1857 and baptized in Hof and Castle Church 13 Sep same year. She died of lung sickness 7 Mar 1879 and was buried 23 Mar (Holmens). Married to Carl Albert Wiedemann. He was steward on the steam ship Navarre.

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