1800 to 1892

Third Generation


Anthon (1) Dipo 2.1 and Nanette Wilhelmine Hoffman's Children:

1. Anthon (2) Dipo
He stayed in France together with his Father and Brother Heinrich assigned to Jutland Infantry Regiment as Musketeer and stayed there until 31 Dec 1818. It seems possible that he did not follow the family as they moved to Denmark. He might have died before his Father in 1832. The father at his death in 1832 left only 4 children


2. Catharina Antonette Dipo
Born about 1802 in Holland is she identified with the daughter: Joanna Catharina, as Anthony Dipo and Anna Hoffmann had baptized the 22 May 1801 in the Catholic church in Rotterdam. Before she married she resided at Amalie Street with Prince Wilhelm of Hessen-Kassel. Died of breast sickness 25 Oct 1847. Buried 30 Oct (Garnisons). She was listed here as Catholic). Married first 4 Mar, 1821 in Garnisons church to Johann Friedrich Schlidt. Born about 1794. He was from 1815 to 1821 "Game Keeper" with the 2ndJyske Infantry Regiment (same Regiment as Father-in-law and 2 Brother-in-laws). And was hereafter and until his death (servant) Lakaj to PrinceWilhelm in Amalie Street. Died of breast sickness in Frederiks Hospital 25 Jan 1833. And buried 31 Jan (Garnisons) married 2nd time 30 Sep, 1833 in Garnisons church to Niels Wognsen, son of Wogn Larsen and Inger Andersdaughter. Born 22 Jun 1807 in Verriestrup and baptized 19 Jul same year in Simested church. Before the marriage he was a Musketeer and the same as his wife worked for Prince Wilhelm of Hessen-Kassel. Short time there - after he was a farmer and wagonmand even though he lived within the middle of the city). Died of Pneumonia 30 Dec 1869 and was buried 5 Jan 1870 at Garnisons). He was married 2ndtime 17 Nov 1850 in Garnisons church to Ane Johansdaughter, the daughter of Housmand in Nodebo, later called Ovremolle, Vinderod, Parish, Johan Jogensen and Pernille Arvedsdaughter born 20 Jun 1802 in Nodebo, Frederiksborg County, and baptized at home2n Jul confirmed in Nodebo Church 16 July 1820. Died after 1869.

4. 1. Amalie Antonette Augusta Schildt
4. 2. Fritz Heinrich Anton Schildt
4. 3. Louise Emilie Wilhelmine Schildt
4. 5. Louise Antoinette Schildt
4.6.Adolph Heinrich Schildt
4.7.Frederik Anton Vogensen
4.8.Charlotte Freidericke Nielsine Wogensen

3.Heinrich Anton Simon Dipo
Born 22 November 1804 in the City Hellern now in Western Germany. He came already as a 12-year-old into the Danish Army, 2nd Jyske Infantry Regiment stationed in North France. He followed the family to Denmark in 1819 and became in 1820 underofficcer as military musician in the same Regiment. Later he moved to the 1st
Infantry Brigade, where he was "Oboist" until his death of Typhoid Fever at the Garni-sons hospital in Copenhagen 29 October 1849. He was buried 5 November (Garnisons) married 14 May 1828 in Garnisons Church to Marie Elisabeth Schandorph, daughter of a painter in Holbaek, Ernst Nicolaj Schandorph (born 1754) and Inger Dorthea Fristadius (F.1769) born in Holbaek 16 Dec 1799 and baptized in Holbaek Church 1 Feb 1800. Before her marriage, she worked for Prince Wilhelm of Hessen-Kassel. She was a cousin to the poet Sophus Schandorph died 7 Sept 1885 in Copenhagen and buried 11 Sept - Garnison.

4.9 Ottilia Wilhelmine Hansine Dipo
4.10 Theodor Wilhelm Anthon Dipo
4.11 Ferdinand Wilhelm Dipo
4.12 Ferdinand Peter Thorvald Dipo
4.13 Lauritz Anton Dipo
4.14 Adelaide Henriette Chirstine Dipo

4.Johan Anton Wilhelm Dipo
Born 1808 in Holland. He was as a 14 year old in 1822 accepted as a musician in the 2nd Jyske Infantry Regiment where his father and brother Heinrich also was stationed. In 1826, he went to the Crown Regiment, which was stationed in Helsingor. After his enlistment was up, he was released from the Regiment 31 May 1831. Since then, nothing is mentioned about him in Denmark. He was unmarried when he left in 1831.
His niece Flora Mathilde Dipo tells the family research Th. Hauch-Fausboll about Anthon Dipo and his sons. He came here with his three sons, tow of the sons stayed in this country, where they died, the third son went back to France where became orchestra-conductor with the imperiel Opera in Paris where he lived, when her Father (Francois Theodor Dipo) in his youth went on a studio trip to Paris. About the third brother, there became orchestra conductor in France. I have nowhere found any information of his whereabouts.

5.Francois Theodor Dipo
Born 18 Apr 1815 and baptized the day after in Montmedy in North France where his father's regiment was stationed. Four years old he came with his family to Denmark. Already in 1828 when he, for some time, had been a student of French Hornist, The Royal Orchestra Musikus CH13 Andersen. He is seeking entrance to become a member as a French horn player in the "Royal Orchestra (he underwrites himself as: Franswar Theodor Dipo). He was lucky with the name change but not until 1831. Shortly thereafter, a note in the Hoffmarshal Journal that his father Musik director, Anthon Dipo with the 2nd Jyske Infantry Regiment, died 23 Apr 1832 leaving his wife and children in the most unfortunate circumstances. His application for bonus and advance and permissive of credit. Already in 1832 he previously had no benefit and had in the last months been very sick, and was in such a shape that he didn't have the needed clothing.
Francois advanced quickly to First French horn Player in the orchestra, and arranged self supporting concert so that in 1854 one afternoon concert in the Hof Theater participated by H.C. Lumbye. In 1860 applied Francois Dipo about a stats musikant post in Copenhagen. There had just been vacant: He writes: "a sickness circumstance such as a bad cold could come on me. I worry I only in a short time would be able to handle my instrument and so no longer would be able to uphold my obligation as orchestra Musikus and with the large family, wife and 10 children, to set my hope to favorably come in consideration to occupy the applied position. He was, however, nominated to the position, which was abolished that same year. He died ofchest sickness 24 Oct 1865 and was buried 29 Oct (Holmens). He was a Catholic and made commitment at his marriage to raise his children in the Evangelic Lutheran Belief. Married at home with the Priest (Hofx Castle Church) 25 Oct 1835 to Anne Kirstine Petersen, daughter of Riding Artillerist, later oversight officer with Frederiksberg Castle - Rasmus Petersen (1777-1854) and Maren Christensdaughter born in Copenhagen 17 Mar 1816, baptized 26 Mar same year in Garnisons Church. When married she became chorister with the Royal Theater. She called herself later Anna Christiane Dipo. Died in Copenhagen 9 Apr 1892. Buried 15 Apr (Hofx Castle).

4.15 Valdemar Theodor Dipo
4.16 Francisca Theodora Dipo
4.17 Francois Anton Dipo
4.18 Wilhelmine Anna Dipo
4.19 Flora Mathilde Dipo
4.20 Emilie Augusta Dipo
4.21 Augusta Emilie Dipo
4.22 Albert William Dipo
4.23 Charles Oscar Dipo
4.24 Axel Thorvald Dipo
4.25 Olga Victoria Dipo

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