1770 to 1853

Second Generation


Heinrich Dipo 1.1 and Sophia Moeller's Son.
1.Anton (1) Dipo.
He was born about 1770 in the city of: Neutitschein in Maehren (Now Novy-Jicin "Tjekkiet)
He was from 1791 to 1797 Military musician in Austria, but was in 1797 assigned to the Holland military, same year as the Austrian emperor was to give up the Netherlands to France after the war was over in Campo Formio? In the next 11 years, he was in Holland (1802 in Rotterdam, 1804 in Hellern, and 1809 in Amsterdam). And he participated in the war against Austria in 1805 and against Preussen in 1806 and at Braband in 1809, that same year he left the Hollander army. After this he became military musician in France. In 1815 in the 52 regiment in Montmedy. In 1816, Anthon Dipo enlisted together with his 2 sons Heinrich and Anthon into the Danish army, 2nd Jyske Infantry Regiment (Prince Clandgreve) (Count Landgrave) Wilhelm of Hessen-Kassel who was the commander and he had turned 1 battalion over to the army in France, which Carrison was located in North France by Bouchain. Dipo Familien followed the regiment going to Denmark in 1819 where they became Danish citizens 25 Mar 1819.
Anton's position with the Regiment many places were listed as (Music Director) in Danish sources his last name is written as (Tibo(E). He died of (chest sickness) 23 Apr 1832 at the Garnisons Hospital and was buried 27 Apr in Garnisons.
In 1798 he was married and had a child, by 1807 he had 5 children and his widow tells he had 4 living children after his death. He was Catholic. Married about 1797 to Nanette Wilhelmine Hoffmann. Born about 1776 in Austria. She is called many places by the name: Antonette, so her first name likely would have been: Anne, or Anna, as she has been called with the baptism of a daughter in 1802 and one son in 1815. After family tradition, she should have been of Noble or Titled family. A granddaughter by the name of Flora Mathilde Dipo. 1844-1923 - (A family researcher) Th. Hauch-Fausboll was told by Flora that (Anthon Dipo's wife was an Austrian Baroness he, Anton had saved from a burning castle, and at that burning she was the only survivor. All other relatives were killed. This Baronessfollowed him through the wars from Austria to Holland 1797 till France in 1809 ending in Denmark 1819.
After her husband's death, she lived with her son youngest son Francois, earned her living by sewing. She looked for a place in Vartov, 20/4,1838.
Hauch-Fausboll writes: The Land (the Count) Graven watched over the family. He was the one who advised Dipo's widow to have a hospital bed in Vartov. Also stood as (Fatter) (meaning Godfather) with the baptism of her grandchildren's baptisms. First she was refused a place to stay, but later was allowed to be admitted 23 Jun, 1847 listed in poor health in a General Hospital, in Copenhagen, where she stayed for good 6 years, until her death, 23 Jul 1853. She died of Cholera at the great epidemic. Buried 25 Jul 1853. (General Hospital) info
Nanette was a Catholic.
(Fatter) translated to English is Godfather.

3.1 Anthon (2) Dipo
3.2 Catharina Antonette Dipo
3.3 Heinrich Anton Simon Dipo
3.4 Johan Anton Wilhelm Dipo
3.5 Francois Theodor Dipo

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