1993 to xxxx

Tenth  Generation


Nicolas Dipo (9.1) and Christina Eva Vinnersted's children of first marriage
1.Benjamin Dipo Vinnersted
Born in Frederikssunds Hospital 12 Jan 1993, baptized 27 Jun in Jyllinge Church.
Educated as a Boat mechanic in 2014, living in Roskilde,2015 started he Eucation as Engineer, in Lyngby (DTU)

2. Emilie Dipo Vinnersted
Born in Roskile Hospital 8 Sep 1995, baptized 4 Feb 1996 in Jyllinge Church.
Took 3 years of high school in Stenløse, in 2015 she went to Australia,

Nicolas Dipo (9.1) and Karina Dipo Hovgaard's children of second marriage
3.Maja Hovgaard Dipo
Born in Roskilde Hospital 28 aug 2002, baptized 2 feb 2003 in Jyllinge Church.

4.Vicki Hovgaard Dipo
Born in Roskilde Hospital 30 jan 2006, baptized 30 apr 2006 Jyllinge Church.

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